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Should the monarchy be abolished?
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The monarchy has cultural value that is worthwhile

Despite being outdated or undemocratic, there is room for it today because it is an important part of our cultural history in Britain and these things are important to preserve
Cultural History


The monarchy has cultural value that extends beyond its capacity to attract tourists to the U.K. The monarchy symbolizes Britain's history and continuity.

The Argument

The British monarchy represents the nation’s history and continuity. Kings and queens have ruled in Britain since the 10th century. The monarchy has adapted throughout the years[1] and remains a strong, cultural force to this day. The tradition and meaning of the monarchy make it a necessary figurehead of what it means to be British in today’s hectic political environment.[2] The monarchy’s history and cultural value can inspire pride and loyalty in British citizens. Queen Elizabeth II is widely loved, not just in Britain but across the world. Furthermore, members of the royal family are often more popular than politicians.[3] The monarchy remains a symbol of what it means to be British. [4] Abolishing the monarchy would rid the United Kingdom of an important cultural, historical unifier.

Counter arguments

Britain will retain any cultural value without a monarchy.



[P1] The monarchy is deeply embedded in British history and culture. [P2] A country should retain and remember its past. [P3] Abolishing the monarchy would rid Britain an important part of its history and culture. [P4] Britain should not abolish the monarchy.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] A country should remember its past, but holding on to the past is unnecessary and can hold back a progressing country. [Rejecting P3] British culture is made up of more than its monarchy.


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