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Should the monarchy be abolished?
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The monarchy is an embarrassment and should go

The monarchy has had years of scandals and behaviour that is embarrassing to the British public. There is no reason they should be continually supported.
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The monarchy's years of unacceptable behaviour, which would not be tolerated without the protection of entitlement, privilege and self-serving societal elite, are now increasingly exposed due to increased media scrutiny and less deference which has covered up things in the past. Prince Andrew’s links with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his tone deaf, car crash interview which demonstrated a total lack of remorse for the victims and a level of arrogance that no longer sits well in society is an example of the irrelevance of royalty and abuse of their privilege. This is nothing new - in 1811 at the age of 25, the Prince Regent, famously dissolute and extravagant, had to be bailed out by parliament at an amount what would today be tens of millions of pounds, after getting through his very generous allowance.

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