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Should panhandling be illegal?
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Panhandling should not be illegal because panhandlers are humans too

Panhandlers are human too, and no one should be afraid of giving their money. Giving money to panhandlers allows all of us to unite and give back to those in need.
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The Argument

More often than not, panhandlers are homeless, and they mean no harm. Their circumstances, although unknown, must have been hard for them to end up begging for money. Blaming them for their circumstances is not productive, and we should see them as they are, humans. Donating any food, clothing, or money will help them gain confidence as being part of society.[1] We might not understand how anyone could end up panhandling, but everyone had a life before resorting to panhandling. There should be a much more compassionate approach to these people in need. Even though there are organizations that help the homeless, their efforts still fall short with the already present panhandling population.[1]

Counter arguments

The short term donating that takes place with panhandlers is not proactive in their situation. If they keep receiving what they need, they will get used to staying in a lacking lifestyle where they simply beg for money their whole lives. Giving back to big organizations that aim to help these individuals get back on track or assimilate them into society is a better way for people to donate. Organizations will also most likely give them a better short term solution such as shelter or food rather than drugs or bad purchases.[2]


Rejecting the premises


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