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Should panhandling be illegal?
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Panhandlers spend their money on drugs

Giving money to the panhandler freely does not garuantee that they will spend it on something that will benefit their current state overall. Panhandlers spend their money on drugs most of the time. Drugs are illegal, and they might become violent if they do not have access to drugs.

The Argument

There has been no evidence that the money panhandlers get from begging is being used for their overall well being. Panhandlers often spend that money on drugs and create a vicious cycle that could make them become addicted or dependant on the drug, which can eventually lead to violence and even aggressiveness from them when they ask for money.[1] Overall, it is understandable that homeless people or panhandlers find drugs comforting as they might help them deal or forget about their state of living. The people that give them money might not realize that they are causing them harm in the end, as they might prefer to spend that money on a short-term happiness provider, i.e., drugs, rather than a new item of clothing or a nourishing meal.[2] Research indicates that substance abuse is more common among the homeless, who are most commonly panhandlers, as they depend on begging for money for survival. Research also indicates that substance abuse is a major factor that makes panhandlers remain homeless or in dire conditions.[3]

Counter arguments

We, as a society, should not judge how these panhandlers spend their money. We spend our money freely, and so should they. Most of the time, there is no harm as they do not directly touch or interact with who they ask for money. They are most likely on the sides of the roads or intersections, asking nicely with a sign or gestures. The chances that they go violent are only if there is a prolonged interaction, which is not likely in most cases.[4]



Rejecting the premises


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