Should panhandling be illegal?

Panhandling, otherwise known as urban begging, or anybody that begs for money or food, mostly done by homeless individuals, is a present issue. The question that remains is how it should be handled.

Yes, panhandling should be illegal

Panhandling can become problematic as panhandlers can become violent if they do not get their way. They also become dependent on the money they obtain without the donator knowing where or on what it was spent.

Panhandlers spend their money on drugs

Giving money to the panhandler freely does not garuantee that they will spend it on something that will benefit their current state overall. Panhandlers spend their money on drugs most of the time. Drugs are illegal, and they might become violent if they do not have access to drugs.

No, panhandling should not be illegal

Giving money to panhandlers is not a crime, as it rests upon the donators' judgment to decide whether or not to give them money and the panhandler's decision on what to spend the money on.

Panhandling should not be illegal because everyone has the right to survive

There is no way of knowing each panhandler's personal living situation as to why they are begging for money. If the only way for them to make a living is to beg for money, let them be.

Panhandling should not be illegal because panhandlers are humans too

Panhandlers are human too, and no one should be afraid of giving their money. Giving money to panhandlers allows all of us to unite and give back to those in need.
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