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Does multiculturalism help societies?
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People are able to witness different cultures

If each society were homogeneous in its culture, people would never be exposed to other traditions. When heterogeneity is introduced in a society, people witness differences between their own culture and others. This inspires an appreciation for one's own culture, an interest and curiosity to learn about others, and a powerful social dynamic of group interaction.
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The Argument

If "melting pot' actually referred to food, society would be the pot and various cultures would be the ingredients added into the pot. Like any good soup/stew, a variety of ingredients allows for the best taste. Each ingredient (culture) is unique and special on its own, but when combined with others, can create a meal (society) that is masterful. Cultures can appreciate and learn from one another when interaction occurs. The contrast between various traditions allows for greater pride and identification with a person's heritage. The recognition of uniqueness underlines the foundation for a lively and dynamic community.

Counter arguments


This argument rests upon the fact that humankind tends to be supportive, accepting, and appreciatory towards differences. This is a positive, optimistic outlook.


[P1] Different cultures pique the interests of others. [P2] The dynamic that multiculturalism adds is a positive force.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] People most often reject what is foreign to them, resulting in distress.

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