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What is dark matter?
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People need to explain the universe through a godly power

People should not think of unexplainable phenomena in the universe, like the speed of start rotations and others, through missing matter or altering laws of gravity. There is a mysterious godly power keeping the universe together.
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The Argument

The laws of the universe and the phenomena that astronomers and scientists detect are beyond the scientific ability to explain. These phenomena are mysteries created by the higher power of God, and people will not be able to account for it through theories or experimentation. The higher power of God permits for the existence of a universe in mysterious and odd ways. [1] Even if science was able to come up with some predictions regarding the nature of the universe or if experiments were able to detect some kind of dark matter, the theory will never have enough evidence to turn into a fact. Scientists also cannot disprove godly power as an answer to the mysteries of the universe. Physics and scientific laws are merely a description of what is happening in the universe under certain conditions and are limited in their ability to explain the universe. [2]

Counter arguments

Scientists were able to propose many consistent theories to explain the universe. One of the most attractive and discussed laws is the existence of dark matter. Mathematical calculations emerge supporting the theory and efforts to detect dark matter continue. Every phenomena in the universe can be questioned, debated, and tested instead of relying on the explanation of a higher power. The universe existed spontaneously according to the laws of science and all the phenomena in it can be explained by science. [3]



Rejecting the premises


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