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Were Indian police complicit in the Palghar lynching?
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The police did not try to stop the lynching

Despite witnessing the incident, the police make no attempt to stop it.
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The Argument

All accounts of this shocking crime indicate that the police present did almost nothing to stop it. Neither the guards (who first stopped the three traveling men) nor the small police presence that later arrived properly intervened or did anything to stop the angry mob from killing the three men.[1] The lynching happened in view of the police, who claimed they believed that the victims were robbers.[2] Video of the incident shows that the police witnessed the incident but did not step in to try and stop the men being killed. This demonstrates that rather than doing their jobs, the police were complicit in the incident.

Counter arguments

The police did try to stop the incident. A statement released by police said that “one of our patrolling vehicles later spotted the severely injured trio lying on the road and stopped to investigate. However, our team was also attacked by the mob and the vehicle pelted with stones. Our personnel had to flee and were unable to rescue to the victims”.[3]


Rejecting the premises


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