Were Indian police complicit in the Palghar lynching?

On 16 April 2020, two Hindu priests and their driver were killed. This happened after the men were stopped by a crowd of men at a checkpoint amid coronavirus lockdown, accused of being thieves or child kidnappers, and then taken away and killed. The presence of the police at the scene has caused a debate about their role in the killings.

Yes, the police were complicit in the Palghar lynching

Reports say that police did little to aid the victim who was being attacked by the mobsters. It was easy for the attackers to drag the victim out of police custody.

The police did not try to stop the lynching

Despite witnessing the incident, the police make no attempt to stop it.

Police were punished for their reaction to the lynching

Two policemen were suspended in connection to the incident.

No, the police were not complicit in the Palghar lynching

The police did not arrange the lynching and even tried to stop it.

'Whatsapp lynchings' are common in India

Lynching based on false information spread on Whatsapp, as this was, have become increasingly common in India.

The Indian police tried to stop the lynching

Police tried to step in to stop the mobs, but were attacked themselves.

The Palghar lynchings were a religious hate crime

The lynchings, given that they were committed against Hindu priests, are thought by some to be a religious hate crime.
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