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Were Indian police complicit in the Palghar lynching?
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The Indian police tried to stop the lynching

Police tried to step in to stop the mobs, but were attacked themselves.
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The Argument

Police tried to stop the lynching, but were instead attacked by the mob and could not save the victims. A statement released by the local police stated that “one of our patrolling vehicles later spotted the severely injured trio lying on the road and stopped to investigate. However, our team was also attacked by the mob and the vehicle pelted with stones. Our personnel had to flee and were unable to rescue to the victims”.[1] They clearly were not complicit; they were just, sadly, unable to save the victims.

Counter arguments

The police did not try to stop the lynching. Video of the lynching shows the police letting it happen, and police were then suspended over the incident.[2]


Rejecting the premises


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