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Are psychics real?
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Psychics possess ESP

Psychics have ESP (extrasensory perception), also known as the sixth sense which allows perception of events that have not happened.
Misleading Psychics

The Argument

Extrasensory perception, or the ability to see the future, is an ability that psychics are believed to possess. According to Dr Jennifer Hartstein, it is essentially "that gut instinct that we have. We think of it as this very 'out there' thing. The truth is it's that sense that you can predict something will happen."[1] Many people fall under the assumption that ESP is something crazy and magical but really, we all possess ESP to some extent. Psychics are just those who have figured out how to harness that intuitive ability, and thus have essentially found the ability to predict the future. Psychics are real, and essentially anyone can be a psychic.

Counter arguments

The idea that a "gut feeling" allows predictions into the future does not make sense. Intuition is not necessarily accurate, it operates as a warning system for your body. It cannot predict the future.



[P1] ESP is extreme intuition. [P2] Extreme intuition allows prediction of the future.

Rejecting the premises


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