Are psychics real?

Palm-readings, tarot cards, and crystal balls - these are all things associated with those known as psychics. Every year, thousands of people go to psychics for guidance, for advice, and for the ability to communicate with deceased relatives and friends. Many who go seem to believe in it wholeheartedly, but the question remains: Are psychics real, or is it all just a big ruse?

Yes, psychics are real

Psychics and their abilities are real

Clients have claimed that their experiences were real

Many people who have visited psychics claim that their experiences were real.

Psychics possess ESP

Psychics have ESP (extrasensory perception), also known as the sixth sense which allows perception of events that have not happened.

The CIA reportedly funded a psychic-based program

The Stargate Project was created to investigate the potential of psychic phenomena.

No, psychics are not real

Psychics and their abilities are not real

Psychic predictions are intuition-based

Psychics read their clients to make assumptions about them.

Psychics use various methods to gain information about clients

There are many well-known strategies that psychics use to gain intel on their clients for "predictions".

Customers are desperate for someone to talk to

Sometimes, people are so desperate to speak to someone that they will believe anything.

There is no scientific evidence backing psychics

The work carried out by psychics is not rooted in science, so psychics are not real. After conducting numerous research studies, scientists at both Berkeley and Harvard could not find any scientific evidence to support the validity of psychic powers.
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