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What is the best platform for streaming music?
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Soundcloud is the best music streaming service because of its recommendation feature

SoundCloud recommendations/suggestions are on point and get changed up weekly. It suggests artists from every level, not just mainstream artists. You even have these recommendations delivered directly into your inbox.

The Argument

SoundCloud's algorithm customizes its users' unique taste as they listen to more music, which creates personal recommendations that will most likely end up in the user's music library. The tool helps users spread their music sphere and taste. The songs that a user's likes adds similar songs to the interface, which creates a constant interaction between the user and SoundCloud.[1]

Counter arguments

SoundCloud does not allow it's users to disable the recommended function. It is a way for creators to be played without being searched, but it can become annoying to keep listening to unknown or random artists.



Rejecting the premises


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