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What is the best platform for streaming music?
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Amazon Prime is the best music streaming service because of its Special editor-curated playlists

Amazon has employed music experts to curate brilliant playlists for their audience. This is a great perk of Amazon Prime music.
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The Argument

Amazon Prime Music offers a wide range of playlists specially created by their music editors. Music editors bring together a wide range of music into unique and exiting playlists for the platform's users. Alexa, Amazon's voice control assistant, can also be summoned to recommend songs based on listening history and habits.[1] It has over 2000 playlists which can be saved, and the paid Amazon Unlimited service creates personalised music stations.[2] Providing its users with curated playlists sets Amazon Prime Music far ahead in the competition.

Counter arguments

Amazon is not unique in hiring music experts to create custom playlists. It's main competition, Spotify and Apple Music, both offer the same service. Amazon's custom playlists does not set them apart from other services.


[P1] Amazon Music suggests new music through their specially curated playlists. [P2] Customised music stations finds you new music. [P3] The customer specific experience of Amazon Prime Music sets it above other streaming sites.

Rejecting the premises


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