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What is the best platform for streaming music?
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Spotify is the best music streaming service because it is user friendly

Spotify's platform is very intuitive and user-friendly.

The Argument

Spotify's app layout is sleek, intuitive, and easy to use; its appearance was last updated in February 2020 to provide a more streamlined look. Everything that you need or want to access can be found on the homepage, which is automatically displayed when you open the app. The layout of the homepage is based on the user's listening habits; at the top of the screen your liked and recently played playlists artists, and albums are featured. As you scroll, you can find your personally curated playlists ('Daily Mixes') and recommended playlists and artists[1]. The bottom of the homescreen features a toolbar three self-explanatory buttons: Home, Search, and Your Library. Whatever song you are currently listening to is displayed right above this toolbar. Clicking on the song leads to a full-screen display of the song title and album cover, with options to play, pause, shuffle play, replay, skip, and rewind all conveniently located next to each other[2] All information about a user's individual account is located in Settings, which can be found by clicking the gear icon in the top right of the homepage. The web-based version of Spotify is very similar to that of the phone app, except the contents of the homepage are also condensed into a column on the left; Friend Activity is shown on the right. There is a search bar at the top of the page[3]. Both layouts are simple and well-organized; it can be easily learned by people of all ages, which is one of the main reasons that Spotify is the best music streaming service on the market today.

Counter arguments

Spotify's app design is not revolutionary; other popular streaming services, including Apple Music , Tidal, and Amazon Prime[4][5][6], have the same basic features and a similar layout to that of Spotify. In fact, Spotify's layout and updates (especially the complete app redesign that occurred in 2019) has been frequently criticized by users as being 'ugly', 'cluttered', and 'unnecessarily complicated'.[7][8][9][10][11]



Rejecting the premises


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