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Did the Cold War End?
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Russian Aggression in the Baltics

Since the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014, there has been a sharp increase in Russian military activity in the Baltic region. Russian intimidations on land, at sea, and underwater have all occurred almost daily in the Baltic region, and despite Russian president Vladimir Putin's dismissal of such aggression, Putin has also similarly denied invading Ukraine. Furthermore, the Kremlin has began portraying a propaganda campaign which displays the democratic Baltic states as being led by dictatorial powers who tyrannize Russian speakers. This Russian aggression in the Baltics is very reminiscent of Soviet aggression and eventual invasion of the Baltics in 1940, during the Cold War. This resurgence of Russian aggression in the Baltics today signifies a Cold War-era hostility and militance that did not ever truly end since the Cold War itself did not really end just because the Soviet Union became Russia.
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