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Are sanctuary cities good or bad?
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Sanctuary cities blatantly disregard the federal law of their country

Laws are made to keep a country safe. Criminals cause a lot of damage to people’s lives. Sanctuary cities exist in flagrant disregard for the laws of the land by taking care of criminals. It puts the country and the city's own citizens in danger.


Sanctuary cities have existed for centuries. They were used as a place where criminals could escape persecution from their peers. In modern day times, the idea of a sanctuary city has changed a lot. Instead, immigrants are safe from deportation in these cities. However, not everyone is open to immigrants who’ve come to their country illegally because they’ve broken rules to stay in the country. Yet, sanctuary cities are trying to claim that the federal law cannot control their laws.

The Argument

The law is what keeps people safe. Because of the law, criminals don’t get away with their crimes. Thieves, murderers, and abusers are punished because of their wrongdoings. It makes sure they get retribution on behalf of their victim’s behavior. Without the law, society would be out of control. Sanctuary cities overstep the law by allowing criminals to go unpunished. Aiding and abetting a criminal is against the law. Plus, not allowing criminals to be punished makes everything worse for the victims. They won’t get the payback they deserve. Plus, the criminal would probably start having more victims. This is dangerous because criminals repeat their behavior. A thief is will steal again, and a serial killer will kill again. Normal civilians would be at risk of becoming the next target of criminals in sanctuary cities. Therefore, sanctuary cities have no real purpose.

Counter arguments

Sanctuary cities don’t harbor terrible criminals. Some criminals are wrongfully accused. Out of the entire prison system in America, 1% of individuals (22,000) people, have been wrongfully accused.[1] If someone is wrongfully accused, they would want to escape from the reach of the law. Another thing that sanctuary cities do is protect illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants try to escape from a horrible life to find better opportunities in other countries.[2] However, they’re considered illegal because they don’t provide the right paperwork and don’t financially support the government though taxes. But because they’re escaping a bad life, sanctuary cities provide protection from deportation. The law isn’t always fair. The law only sees black and white. Unfortunate individuals can get accused of a crime they never committed. Families need to be safe. That’s why the world needs sanctuary cities to be the gray middle ground.



[P1] The law keeps society safe from horrible criminals. [P2] Sanctuary cities overstep the law by not arresting the criminals. [P3] Sanctuary cities would be in danger of increased crime because of the criminals their holding.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] The law is imperfect and arrests innocent people too. [Rejecting P2] Sanctuary cities are protected by state government. [Rejecting P3] People who come to sanctuary cities are usually immigrants who cause no trouble.


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