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Are sanctuary cities good or bad?
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Sanctuary cities keep illegal immigrants and citizens safe

Everyone has a right to safety; an illegal immigrant shouldn't have to sacrifice theirs.

The Argument

Sanctuary Cities allow for illegal immigrants to report crimes done to them or that they have witnessed without fear of being deported. Sanctuary cities help build rapport among immigrants and the police force, allowing for police to get more information that without immigrants would have been lost. The policies Sanctuary Cities uphold also help protect illegal immigrants from being deported on minor infractions, like driving without a license, many of these minor infractions are unavoidable because of their unique situation. Without the safe space that Sanctuary Cities create, immigrants are taking away from family and put back into place they no longer recognize. Immigrants walk with fear keeping them from contributing to the fullest in society and from finally becoming legal.

Counter arguments

Sanctuary Cities help to harbor criminals. They keep information from ICE that would help to deport illegal immigrants with a history of serious crime. Sanctuary Cities also undermine the immigration system that is in place to protect citizens from unnecessary threats, and undermines federal law that makes Sanctuary Cities illegal.



[P1] Immigrants are less likely to commit crime than the average American; they are not inherently dangerous. [P2] The immigration system is flawed, so immigrants with no other choice come here illegally. [P3] Anyone coming to the United States of America can apply for asylum, Sanctuary Cities allow them to do that safely. [P4] Immigrants can apply for citizenship safely in Sanctuary Cities, while also building a life in America.

Rejecting the premises

[Regecting P1] Sanctuary Cities hide data on illegal Immigrants, making it hard to know if this information is accurate. [Regecting P2] Many have gone through the Immigration process before without illegally crossing over. [Regecting P3] Asylum Seekers are already protected under the law.


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