Are sanctuary cities good or bad?

Sanctuary cities are US cities that elect to not cooperate with immigration law in order to protect undocumented immigrants. Are these cities necessary to protect innocent people? Or are they unlawful hotbeds of criminals?

Sanctuary cities are good

Sanctuary cities are vital as the human rights of immigrants are increasingly disregarded by the government.

Sanctuary cities keep illegal immigrants and citizens safe

Everyone has a right to safety; an illegal immigrant shouldn't have to sacrifice theirs.

Sanctuary cities ensure immigrants are not fearful of deportation

Immigrants are afraid of deportation, so they are afraid to be involved with police. By improving the relationship between immigrants and police, immigrants are less likely to be afraid to report crimes.

Sanctuary cities are bad

Sanctuary cities stop the government from simply enforcing the law.

Sanctuary cities blatantly disregard the federal law of their country

Laws are made to keep a country safe. Criminals cause a lot of damage to people’s lives. Sanctuary cities exist in flagrant disregard for the laws of the land by taking care of criminals. It puts the country and the city's own citizens in danger.

Sanctuary cities encourage dangerous criminals and their behavior

Sanctuary cities create a safe space for criminals to hide and continue their crimes. Some immigrants support drug trafficking. They can live without fear of being deported for their crimes.
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