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Are short films worth watching?
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Short films can be made by almost anyone

By watching them, you experience a unique, otherwise unheard, voice.

The Argument

Because of their low budget and typically short shooting time, short films can be shot by nearly anybody. A variety of cameras can be used too, including cell-phones. The opportunities are endless. The majority of college students and young filmmakers make short films when they are starting out. One source, in an article specifically for students, said, "You gotta admit it’s pretty tricky to film an award winning masterpiece when you’re still in college and can barely afford to buy yourself dinner, let alone manage a budget for a movie"[1]. That quotation sums it up perfectly. If broke college students can express themselves through shorts, anyone can. That's why time should be taken to support them.

Counter arguments

Not everyone can make short films, however. Some people don't have access to any form of camera, and some have no way to share their works. How are they to get their work out to people if they don't know about festivals, if they don't know anyone who will share their work for them?



[P1] Anyone can make short films. [P2] Short films allow regular people to express their creativity.

Rejecting the premises


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