Are short films worth watching?

People are deluged by content - via social media, TV channels, OTT platform, box sets, websites, brands etc - but have less and less time to watch them. Short films offer narratives, story arcs etc but delivered in a condensed form.

Yes, short films are worth watching

They are a powerful way to experience stories.

Short films give voices to people otherwise ignored

The voiceless can be heard, a unique perspective explored.

Short films can be made by almost anyone

By watching them, you experience a unique, otherwise unheard, voice.

Short films are unique, moldable, and experimental in ways in that feature-length films aren't

Styles can be stretched and warped more than in popular features. Using techniques at their disposal in new and innovative ways, short films test the creativity of the artists.

Short films can lead to feature length films

Short films allow filmmakers and actors to showcase their talents in order to secure funding from studios or private funding. By supporting a short film, you could support a filmmaker's chance at future features.

No, short films are not worth watching

They are a waste of time when features could be explored further.

Short films don't provide as many jobs

By supporting them, you are supporting fewer people than features.

Short films don't allow for character development

There is less time to understand and relate to a protagonist.

Short films cannot be placed in theaters and are not profitable

Short films are made with little to no funding. If they are in theatres, they are usually playing at odd hours or with a series of other short films, making them harder to find. Multiplexes run at a loss when screening short films in isolation.
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