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Are short films worth watching?
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Short films give voices to people otherwise ignored

The voiceless can be heard, a unique perspective explored.

The Argument

Often times, short films can be a lot more personal than features. They can focus on individual lives, rather than trying to intertwine some complicate storyline in with a multitude of characters. Personalities of individuals can be explored in depth. Short films are also often created in the form of documentaries. This can bring awareness to certain communities that would otherwise be ignored. One source states that, "The medium of the documentary in short film form gives audiences access to topics and issues they otherwise would not know about"[1]. They are in short form, and thus can cater to short attention spans. They're educational, and maybe even life-changing.

Counter arguments

Feature films can give voices to an even wider variety of people, and even go into more depth. There are also feature documentaries. Why waste time with a short, when one can just go all in with a feature?



[P1] Short films give voices to the voiceless. [P2] Short films allow valuable education.

Rejecting the premises


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