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Should colleges and universities open in person for the Fall 2020 semester?
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Some students depend on campus housing and facilities

Many students depend on student housing and accommodation during the year – a safe and stable space conducive to learning. The COVID-19 pandemic forced colleges shut down, leaving many students who come from precarious household situations to fear for their future.
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The Argument

On-campus housing is an important feature for many students who come from unstable homes. Therefore it is important to reopen college campuses for the fall 2020 semester to guarantee all students have access to safe spaces to live and study. Attending college is a privilege in America, but not all students are privileged. When Covid-19 forced students to leave their campus dorms and return home, some found that they had nowhere to go.[1] On-campus college housing is a safety net for some students who have housing and/or food insecurity. With the help of scholarships and federal loans, living on campus can be relatively inexpensive. [2] Some students come from unstable or unsafe homes, and therefore college dorms provide a safe space for them to live for most of the year. For example, LGBT+ students whose home lives are homophobic and toxic.[1][3] Colleges offer more than just an education, they provide safety for many of their students who come from precarious backgrounds. Colleges should keep their doors open so that students have these safety nets in the fall.

Counter arguments


[P1] On-campus housing provides safe spaces for students. [P2] Not all students have stable homes to turn to if colleges go online. [P3] Therefore, colleges should allow students back onto campus.

Rejecting the premises


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