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Should tablets replace textbooks?
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Tablets and electronic textbooks are more affordable

E-learning is a growing trend, and discounts for educational purposes make devices more affordable for students.
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Apple and Microsoft, both of which are leading brands in the tablet/computer industry, have education pricing for their devices to support students and educators and to facilitate the incorporation of e-learning in classrooms. Many electronics stores and outlets also provide discounts for students as e-learning is becoming more widespread and normalized. Electronic textbooks are also much cheaper than traditional printed textbooks. According to Investopedia[1], the online version of a textbook can be up to 60% cheaper than its print equivalent, and if you already own a device to read it on, there would be no extra costs necessary. A quick price comparison on (e.g. "Economics" by McConnell, Brue and Flynn) shows that buying a new hardcover copy will cost $117.91, while the electronic version costs only $89.06. In the long run, when electronic textbooks become more popular in schools, electronic textbooks would prove to be a sustainable and affordable investment. Overall, tablets can be afforded by most families and is not simply a luxury to have anymore.

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