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Will Donald Trump be re-elected?
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Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19 due to lax event policies

President Trump got COVID-19 due to avoiding proper social-distancing at events. After his COVID diagnosis, Trump went for a joyride to say hello to voters outside of Walter Reed Hospital. This showed that he does not take the virus seriously. He then returned to the White House and removed his mask while still infected.
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President Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19 after a controversial handling of the pandemic. He has spoken out against use of masks and downplayed the risk of the virus. Now, he is recovered from the virus after treatment. He is holding large rallies in various states, with many claiming this is a bad idea.

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The Amy Coney-Barret event, which is thought to be the event where COVID spread, was held outside in accordance with guidlines Many attendees were tested prior and many people wore masks


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