Can we live without oil?

Oil is a big part of society. It’s used to power cars and produce energy. Although the world relies on oil, oil has a negative rap. When burned, oil creates carbon dioxide. Global warming and the degradation of the global environment is caused by excessive carbon dioxide emissions. Would it be better if society stopped using oil or is it so reliant on oil that it would be too risky to get rid of it?

Yes, we can live without oil

Society is too reliant on oil, and the environment is suffering because of it. There are oil alternatives that would be enough for society.

Renewable energy sources can replace oil

Renewable energy sources are an efficient energy source. Instead of oil, renewable energy sources use wind, water, and the sun. Renewable energy sources don’t deplete and is an abundant source of energy.

Exercise inducing transportation is healthier than using oil powered transportation

Different modes of transportation such as walking and bicycling are a great way of exercising. If society made these modes of transportation the main way of getting to and from, everyone would be healthier.

Oil and the production of oil are extremely harmful to the environment

Oil is a natural product of the earth. But, the burning of oil and fossil fuels release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Fracking, which is how oil is obtained, releases natural gases. This leads to further global warming and environmental destruction. Therefore, it would be best if oil wasn’t used at all.

No, we can’t live without oil

Oil is the backbone of the global energy supply, and many of its by-products are irreplaceable.

We have no viable non-oil substitutes for products fundamental to society

Car fuel isn’t the only thing made of oil. Household items and apparel can be made from oil as well. Dresses, cassettes, and bicycle tires are all made from petroleum and these show that the use of oil is so ingrained in modern society that it cannot simply be abolished.

We cannot supply the world’s energy needs without oil

Getting rid of oil would be an inconvenience for the world. Oil makes up a good portion of energy production. Taking it out of the world system would mean economic degradation.
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