Are we living in a simulation?

Ever since The Matrix was released in 1999, many have questioned the parameters of the world we know and experience. Though the movie was a worldwide phenomenon that sparked up this debate, the philosophical underpinnings and implications of this potential reality give it new meaning in a modern, technologically advanced world where everything seems possible.

No, we are not living in a simulation.

This is the real world, and not a simulation, and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise.

Scientists and mathematicians have found that it is mathematically impossible that we live in a simulation.

The simulation theory simply does not hold up under intense mathematical and algorithmic scrutiny. The universe could never be computer-generated based on what we know today.

The number of potential obstacles barring humans in the future from creating such technology are too great.

One main form of the simulation theory suggests that advanced human civilizations in the future have created a simulation for the cyber-world we now inhabit. However, there are many potential risks of failure, preventing those civilizations from ever becoming advanced enough to prove the simulation theory.

Yes, we are living in a simulation.

Many observers of this "Matrix" claim believe this phenomenon actually exists, and that our reality is simply a simulated, technologically fabricated universe. As humans, we merely experience the world as it was meant to be, unaware of the reality outside our reach.

Many prominent physicists and scientific theorists are seriously considering testing for evidence.

The scientific community, in tandem with the philosophical community, has begun looking into the possibility of testing the simulation theory in the world. This confirms the potential legitimacy of the theory and why it should be seriously considered within mainstream scientific study.

There are numerous mysterious scientific phenomena that could have resulted from a simulation.

From molecular physics to climate change, there are many factors of our reality that, to believers in the simulation theory, directly correlate with some other force controlling human perception of the world.

Results are inconclusive.

Scientists and theoretical physicists can neither confirm nor deny the ideas behind the simulation theory manifesting themselves in the world.

There is little evidence of either affirmation or denial of the theory.

Scientists have found no proof of the simulation theory, yet they have also never discovered substantial evidence to counteract Bostrom's hypothesis.
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