Are people born gay?

Few scientific questions generate as much intrigue and political turmoil as the origins of sexual orientation. Is there a clear genetic or hormonal link to sexual orientation that indicates gay people are, in the words of Lady Gaga, "Born This Way"? Can we ever know if same-sex attraction is determined before birth? Is this a question that should even be asked?

Yes, people are born gay

Various studies have found a direct link between genetics and homosexuality.

Xq28 is the gay gene

Scientists have been able to trace same-sex attraction to a single gene, Xq28.

Epigenetics confirm people are born gay

The same genetic code can be expressed differently depending on chemical changes that take place before birth.

Homosexuality is a genetic trait that runs throughout generations

Homosexuality is a genetic trait passed from parents to children. The gene continues to spread throughout generations. The extended families of homosexuals tend to have multiple family members attracted to members of the same sex.

Gay and straight people show neurological differences

Gay people have a different neurological structure to their heterosexual peers.

The fraternal birth effect shows people are born gay

The more older brothers you have, the higher the likelihood of you being attracted to members of the same sex.

We can't choose our sexual orientation because it's genetically inherent

We have a stake in our own development through free will and existential choice. If we can't choose our sexuality, it must be innate rather than developed. Genetics and physical development can't be changed.

No, people are not born gay

To reduce sexual orientation to genetics or hormones reduces it to a binary outcome. Sexuality is not binary, it is fluid and no genetic explanation has been able to accomodate this.

Gay people have fewer offspring because of the genetics they pass on

The laws of evolution dictate that if sexual orientation was genetic, gay people would have died out. The genetics that they carry affects their children. If their children have the same genetics that make them gay, they have far fewer offspring than heterosexuals.

Sexual orientation is not a binary outcome

Only things with binary outcomes can be reduced to genetics. Sexual orientation is not binary, it is fluid.

Identical twins can have different sexual orientations due to environment

Two identical twins that share the same genetics can have different sexual orientations. Identical twins don’t have the exact same mindset. Therefore, it’s environment that chooses sexuality.

Same-sex attraction is a mental illness that needs professional treatment

Mental illnesses are developed or innate. Homosexuality is a psychological condition caused by an underlying mental illness. Instead of being an orientation, it needs to be treated by a doctor.

We don't know if people are born gay

No conclusive evidence has been found to settle the debate.

The word is still out on genetics and homosexuality

Although numerous studies have been conducted, none have come to a definitive conclusion. Between small data sets and conflicting results, the current studies show no conclusive evidence.

People can't be born "gay" if the word itself is fluid.

The terms "gay", "straight" and "bisexual" don't have clear meanings. People change their sexuality and even "experiment" with relationships outside of their sexual preference. If we can't define the terms, how can we trace their origins?

It doesn't matter if people are born gay

The question of whether people are born gay is unimportant and could be dangerous.

We are better off not knowing

The answer to the question will only have negative repercussions for the LGBTQ+ community.

You shouldn't get to define someone else’s homosexuality

The reasons someone is gay are highly personal. Nobody should be allowed to tell someone else why they are gay.
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