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Are people born gay?
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Homosexuality is a genetic trait that runs throughout generations

Homosexuality is a genetic trait passed from parents to children. The gene continues to spread throughout generations. The extended families of homosexuals tend to have multiple family members attracted to members of the same sex.
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Ever since homosexuality was becoming an accepted sexual orientation, scientists have theorized that being gay was genetic. This was based off of people claiming to have known they were gay since they were born. In 2014, scientists found a sequence on an X chromosome called Xq28 that could affect sexual attraction.

The Argument

Homosexuality has been around for centuries. Those who are gay often have friends and family who are gay. There are even certain communities that have more gay people than others. This pattern could mean that homosexuality is family related. Family is one of the most influential part of someone’s life. The way a family raise a child will cause the child to grow up a certain way. It’s the same for genetics. Children share 50% of DNA from each parent. It includes sexuality. A certain gene called Xq28, has been believed to cause homosexuality. This gene can be found in both males and females. In a study conducted in Italy, relatives did have a pattern of homosexuality.[1] It’s obvious that there’s a genetic pattern with homosexuality. It just needs to be researched more.

Counter arguments

The Xq28 gene is not found in women. A study in 1995 proved that. The scientists tested gay men and lesbians to see if the Xq28 gene was present in all of them.[2] But they only found it in males. Xq28 does not make men gay. The only thing it does is cause the existence of sexuality in the first place. It might increase the urge of men to have a sexual attraction to other men, but it’s not guaranteed. Ultimately, it’s a choice of the individual. The Xq28 gene should not be considered the “gay gene”. A lot of research still needs to be done to see if genes actually determine sexuality or not. In terms of Xq28, it only influences urges. Since anyone can resist urges, being gay is a choice.



[P1] Sexuality is genetically passed down from parent to child. [P2] Xq28 is a gene linked to sexuality that can be found in males and females.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Scientists have proven that Xq28 is only passed to men. [Rejecting P2] Xq28 only influences sexual urges.


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