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Are people born gay?
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Same-sex attraction is a mental illness that needs professional treatment

Mental illnesses are developed or innate. Homosexuality is a psychological condition caused by an underlying mental illness. Instead of being an orientation, it needs to be treated by a doctor.


Homosexuality has been controversial for millennium. People were killed and shunned for it. It was considered unnatural to the natural world order. Because it’s so unnatural, it has been thought to be a mental illness. Mental illness makes people do irrational and unnatural things.

The Argument

There are many sides to mental illness. Psychopathy is when someone shows extreme antisocial behavior. Bipolar disorder has a spectrum between mania and depression. Often, people with mental disorders don’t notice they have one until it has gotten out of control. Same-sex attraction is tied to mental illness. Homosexuality has always been unnatural since the beginning of time. When people thought of sex, they thought of reproduction. Without reproduction, one’s lineage would not continue. To want something unnatural isn’t normal. People who become gay are usually depressed. If one looks back at their history, there’s usually evidence of absence of a certain parent. Without the nurturing attention they need, the children can develop histrionic personality disorder. Histrionic personality disorder is when someone seeks constant attention, is emotionally unstable, and tries to seduce others.[1] Anyone who chooses to be gay, just wants the attention from the parent that never gave them enough.

Counter arguments

Mental illness is hard to diagnose. According to the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" (DSM-5), a metal disorder must affect so much more than a person’s behavior. It affects their daily life, their ability to distinguish reality vs dreams, and how people treat themselves. It also must happen consistently for several months. For people with Histrionic personality disorder, it would be unwise to assign them a diagnosis so quickly and easily. Being the center of attention is related to extroversion and having fun. It’s different for someone who can’t function without it. People with Histrionic personality disorder will even go as far as threatening suicide to gain sympathy from others.[2] Because mental illness is such a complex condition, it would be unwise to assume homosexuality is associated with it. In most cases, gay people are straight for many years before they realize that they’re homosexual. If they’ve been able to function for years without homosexuality, then homosexuality can’t possibly be a mental disorder. Instead, embracing one’s one sexuality has brought peace and comfort in knowing who they truly are.



[P1] Homosexuality is linked to mental illness. [P2] Wanting to reproduce is a natural urge that all humans should have. [P3] People who are gay suffer from attention seeking personality disorders because they never got it as children.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Homosexual urges are a natural feeling mentally stable people have. [Rejecting P2] Not all people want children. [Rejecting P3] Some gay people were loved and showered with attention when they were younger.


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