Should there be a tax on sugar?

When buying groceries you usually get a receipt and on the receipt is a section for the tax. Now the tax varies from state to state but despite what people might think it’s not the individual items that have a tax on them. Sugar itself is untaxed but people are starting to wonder if it should be.

Yes, there should be a tax on sugar

Sugar is both unhealthy and unnecessary for consumption. A tax would help generate money that can go back to the community.

Sugar is not a substance the body requires to function

The body only really requires glucose to function properly. Glucose helps create insulin. It's a monosaccharide and one of the most simple sugars found in almost everything a person consumes. Sucrose, table sugar, on the other hand, is a disaccharide found in most sweets and not required to function.

Sugar should be taxed because it's actually an addictive substance

While not a drug, sugar can be an addictive substance. That doesn’t change the fact the body can become dependent on it or even throw a person into withdrawal. Not only that but it can cause a plethora of health problems.

No, there should not be a tax on sugar

Sugar is a commodity and should continue to be exempt from taxes usually placed on cooked or baked food items.

Sugar should not be taxed because it is no longer a luxury good

Sugar used to be a luxury good that only the rich could afford. In today's world sugar is no longer a luxury good but a household item. No longer is it reserved for the wealthy. With its new status of being a. it is no longer a luxury good nor should it be taxed as such.

It is difficult to tax a sugar

Sugar is not only a granulated substance but a nutrient in many different foods. Baked goods, candy, fruit, and condiments all have sugar. It is difficult to draw the barriers to where a sugar tax begins and ends.

It is unclear what is considered 'sugar'

When people say sugar the first thing that comes to mind is table sugar, then sweets, fruit, candy, and so on. All of these contain sugar so if sugar is tax would the tax be restrained to a tax, or would it include all things that contain sugar. The question is how drastic would the tax be?
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