Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden be better for the US economy?

As the 2020 US election approaches, the candidates' approach to key policy areas is coming under scrutiny. Their plans for the economy are especially important in the wake of the coronavirus and subsequent soaring unemployment rates and economic recession. Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden be better for the US economy?

Donald Trump will be better for the US economy

In the four years since Donald Trump became US President, the economy has surpassed growth expectations and created millions of new jobs.

Donald Trump has revitalised the American economy

Despite the impact of the novel coronavirus on the American economy, its recovery has outpaced other nations thanks to Donald Trump's favourable economic polices.

Donald Trump has a strong track record of negotiating foreign trade deals

Trump has negotiated a number of lucrative foreign trade deals with China, Mexico, Canada and Japan.

Donald Trump has increased income levels across all economic groups

Trump's economic policies have increased quality of life across all income groups. Since 2016, real median household income is at its highest level in decades.

Joe Biden will be better for the US economy

Joe Biden proved his economic nous during the Obama Presidency. His 2020 manifesto lays out a strong plan for revitalising the economy in the wake of a historic recession.

Donald Trump has been responsible for a historic US economic slump

Under Donald Trump, the US economy has suffered a recession of historic proportions.

Joe Biden is responsible for the strong economy under Donald Trump

For much of his Presidency, Donald Trump has put emphasis on the booming economy under his rule. However, the groundwork for a strong economy was laid during Barack Obama's leadership - in which Joe Biden served as Deputy.

Joe Biden will end Trump's unsuccessful trade wars

Trump oversells the success of his strongman tariff policies. This negotiation style has seen Trump repeatedly fail to meet his own year-on-year 4%+ growth pronouncements.

Joe Biden will invoke the Defense Production Act

Joe Biden will invoke the Defense Production Act to curtail the scale of devastation caused by the coronavirus upon the US economy.

Donald Trump's economic plan only benefits the wealthy

Donald Trump's plans will deepen economic inequality across the US. His policy agenda includes a number of superficial improvements that will inevitably lead to a widening wealth gap between the top and bottom of American society.
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