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Is India a global superpower?
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India's advancements to technology contribute to its superpower status

India is developing technology that is beneficial to the entire world.
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The Argument

India is continuously making new improvements to modern technology, primarily in software. International companies often choose it as a place to introduce their product to a new market. Developed, urban cities are hubs for new technology and growth.[1] Developing technology is beneficial to all of India because it will create more opportunities for international business and increase wealth domestically. India is leading in the world in national data security and infrastructure, which has the potential for large investments.[2]

Counter arguments

India does not qualify to be a global superpower based on its advanced technology. Even though the country's developments to software technology have pushed the world ahead, of the population still lives without clean water, electricity, or toilets. Until India is able to develop their entire country, they cannot be considered a global superpower.


[P1] India has advanced software technology. [P2] Advanced technology creates investment opportunities for India. [P3] Therefore, India should be considered a global superpower.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] India has other domestic issues that lower the quality of life for some of its citizens.


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