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Is India a global superpower?
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Poor education prevents India from being a global superpower

India's educational infrastructure lacks many basic resources and has a high dropout rate.

The Argument

Most primary schools in India are unsanitary and don't have sufficient electricity, toilets, or teachers for the number of students that attend.[1] Too many children in a classroom can be difficult for one teacher to handle, and they may not receive as much individual attention as they need. A poor learning environment is harmful to a child's education.[2] India struggles with brain drain since many of its high-achieving and intelligent citizens emigrate to other countries for better job opportunities. Its job market cannot compete financially with other countries' wages so they lose many talented and useful citizens. It is difficult to build upon an educational system when the most successful people leave India behind.[3] India holds a third of all illiterate people around the world. The rural areas of the country suffer the most from illiteracy due to the poor condition of its schools and having unqualified teachers. Most school subjects are taught in English so students who are not fluent will struggle to learn. Since India is unable to provide proper education to all its citizens, it cannot be a global superpower.[4]

Counter arguments

India has some of the highest-ranking universities in the world. The Indian Institute of Technology was listed as the seventh-best university overall. Even though many people with graduate degrees go to other countries, India has still made many advances to technology, proving they are not completely depleted of intelligent people.



[P1] In India, most primary schools lack basic needs. [P2] Many of India's intelligent citizens emigrate to other countries for better career opportunities, causing a brain drain. [P3] Millions of Indian citizens are illiterate. [P4] Therefore, India cannot be considered a global superpower.

Rejecting the premises


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