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Is India a global superpower?
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Indian Space Research Organization contributes to India's superpower status

India has one of the most advanced space programs in the world.
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The Argument

The Indian Space Research Organization is in the top ten most advanced and active space programs in the world. The organization stated they will be launching a lunar mission as soon as the end of 2020. A rover will be left on the moon after the mission so the ISRO is able to conduct research on the moon.[1] India has contributed to the further advancement of aerospace engineering and research of outer space. In the past, they have successfully landed a spacecraft on the moon and were able to study materials under the surface. India's space program is constantly developing and keeping up with other space organizations around the world.[2]

Counter arguments

India's last attempt to land on the moon ended in failure. The spacecraft crashed into the moon due to a braking issue while preparing for a soft landing. The Indian Space Research Organization was after to capture images of the crash from another spacecraft orbiting the moon. Out of two moon landings attempted by the ISRO, only one was successful. This proves India's space program is not as advanced as other leading countries' programs.[3]


[P1] The Indian Space Research Organization is one of the best in the world. [P2] India has had a successful moon landing in the past. [P3] Therefore, India should be considered a global superpower.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] India's last attempted moon landing was a failure.


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