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Is India a global superpower?
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Lack of gender equality prevents India from being a global superpower

In India, women still expereince discrimination and abuse because of their gender.

The Argument

India has one of the most uneven sex ratios in the world, with seven males being born to one female. If a couple gives birth to a girl they will usually keep having children until a male is born, which also leads to overpopulation. India has a societal preference for male children because they are able to earn more income for the family. Additionally, a girl's family has to pay an endowment when she joins her husband's household, but receive one when their son marries. The low-value females hold in India's society has caused millions of girls to become unwanted or go missing.[1] Women in India are more likely to live in poverty due to a huge gender pay gap in most workplaces. Only the wealthiest families send their daughters to school for nine years on average, when girls from the poorest populations never receive an education. Females are expected to care for children and the elderly so they have fewer opportunities to join the workforce.[2] Domestic abuse and sexual assault are widespread issues for females in India. Over 30,000 cases of rape were reported in India in 2016, but the actual number is most likely higher because of the pressure women feel to stay silent. Since females are frequently harmed and are given unequal opportunities, it is impossible to consider India a global superpower.[3]

Counter arguments

In India, it is becoming more common for women to attend college and enter the workforce and contribute to the household income. Since families have more money, they can afford better healthcare and sanitation. As more women find jobs, India's economy will grow since more families have can purchase small indulgences.



[P1] India prefers sons over daughters. [P2] Women in India are more likely to live in poverty than men. [P3] In India, females have limited educational and employment opportunities. [P4] Women and India are at risk for domestic abuse and sexual assault. [P5] Therefore, India cannot be a global superpower.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] The number of educated and employed women in India is rising.


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