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Is theocracy good?
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The alternatives to theocracy around the world don't work

While there are many systems of governing aside from theocracies, they are not preferrable.
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The Argument

North Korea, USSR/Russia and China have little religious influence. In fact they have a history of suppressing religion. In some countries, there is a political ideology sponsored by the government that may be called political religion. For example the North Korean government has promulgated Juche as a political alternative to traditional religion. The doctrine advocates a strong nationalist propaganda basis and is fundamentally opposed to Christianity and Buddhism, the two largest religions on the Korean peninsula.

Counter arguments


[P1] Having a theocracy is preferrable to having a regime based on political religion.

Rejecting the premises

Further Reading

Samantha May, Erin K. Wilson, Claudia Baumgart-Ochse & Faiz Sheikh (2014) The Religious as Political and the Political as Religious: Globalisation, Post-Secularism and the Shifting Boundaries of the Sacred, Politics, Religion & Ideology, 15:3, 331-346, DOI: 10.1080/21567689.2014.948526


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