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Is theocracy good?
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The issue is with how theocracies are carried out

The problem with many theocracies is the way government or leadership is imposed on populations, not the idea of theocracy itself.
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The Argument

It takes a strong leader who is willing to put the interests of the people and the nation first to make this form of governing succeed. There are instances throughout history where this has happened, and it made the world a better place.[1] The advantages and disadvantages of theocracy were once evaluated by American colonists. These people became the founding fathers of a new country because they were unwilling to accept the idea that the church and the state were a combined entity.[2]

Counter arguments

Far too often, the opposite occurs and there is a quest for power and abuse.[2]


[P1] Theocracies that have gone wrong have done so because of their particular leader, not because of the concept of theocracies.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] History shows us that theocracies are more inclined to go wrong than democracies.


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