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Is theocracy good?
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Compromise is never needed in the context of a theocracy

In a theocracy everyone has the same values and ethics, as everyone is starting from the starting point of a religion.
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The Argument

There is no need to find compromise in a theocracy because most officials will already be on the same page and people can work toward a common good together. The idea that everyone is working together towards a common good is rooted in nobility and it is important for a theocracy to emphasis the innate goodness in each action to encourage everyone to follow along with the status quo.[1] Most rulers are operating on the same page in regards to implementing government law. This is important because all leaders in the government are working towards the same objective. Those who are opposed to the status quo can be very easily swayed to agree with the laws. This is so that the government can work more effectively. [2] Because there is only one way to think and believe in a theocracy, there is a created sense that the majority rules. Even if there are disagreements, between two different religious factions, whichever belief matches the status quo is considered the correct way to believe in a theocracy. This allows for not only citizens and government workers to not only work towards a common goal, but to also come together to worship and pray with a singular goal in mind. [3]

Counter arguments

Although theocracies might preach peace, they teach discord. If the government’s actions or policies are challenged within a theocracy, the action equates to questioning God.[1] Rulers gain compliance through fear and by threatening an individual’s eternal salvation.


[P1] A theocracy creates a starting point from which all people can work together.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] In reality, a theocracy just punishes those with differing opinions.


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