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Is theocracy good?
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Theocracies are fine as long as it is my religion

There is nothing wrong with a theocracy - as long as it is the right religion.
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The Argument

The anti-Islam rhetoric tends to criticize theocracies as “awful and abusive, not only because they oppress human beings but because they also blaspheme God.”[1] These authors indicate that the problem is the religion rather than theocracies per se. The Catholic church and State of Israel are both theocracies but they seem oblivious to sharing many of the same failings they critique Iran or Afghanistan for.[2] Theocracies are considered blasphemous towards God because this means that leaders can be fleecing money from their countrymen in the name of God. There is also evidence present in the Bible that suggests that Jesus considered that those who claimed the right to rule through divine rule were fraudulent. When spiritual leaders, and government leaders (in a theocracy), claim that what they say has been ordained by God, they are presuming to speak on things that God has not ordained. Therefore, these leaders are presuming to lie to their parishioners and countrymen. [3] Secularism is not meant to say that religious practices or beliefs cannot be observed. However, secularism makes sure that no one is forced into religion, which is what can happen in a theocracy. A theocracy also forces its citizens to interpret religious texts and teachings in only one way. It is important for citizens in a country to be able to live freely, whether as a religious believer or a non-religious citizen, and a theocracy does not allow that freedom. [4]

Counter arguments

Placing theocracy in a negative light because it is restrictive is not true. Because faith is largely connected to the government in a theocracy, this keeps the country united under one umbrella. This helps a country run smoothly as there are few, if any, opposing opinions within both the leadership and the citizens. Because of this efficency, policy can be better implemented and can allow for decisions in running to be made quicker. [5]


[P1] Theocracy is not a flawed form of government - flawed theocracies are flawed because of the religion they rest on.

Rejecting the premises


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