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Who is Joe Biden's best pick as Vice President?
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Bass is well liked among both Democrats and Republicans

Bass has received praise from House Speaker Nanci Pelosi and has a good track record of getting along with Republicans and Democrats alike.

The Argument

The democratic representative from California differs from most other politicians in the way that she is well-liked and respected across partisan lines. Unlike Kamala Harris, Biden's top contender for the VP position, Bass has been described by colleagues and opponents alike as being "fierce without being flashy, a leader but also a listener."[1] Bass has a strong track record in dealing with racial justice and health care, two of the nation's most pressing issues today.[1] In the '70s, Bass encouraged Black and Latino activists to unite against police brutality and immigrant mistreatment, she currently heads the Congressional Black Caucus and was a physician's assistant before entering politics.[1] Biden's campaign advisors want someone who does not threaten Biden's lead in the polls and who opponents will struggle to attack.[2] This is what sets Bass apart from most other VP contenders as she has not drawn criticism from voters or politicians like some of Biden's other VP contenders. Bass is therefore a relatively safe choice for Biden as she is uncontroversial and well-liked among colleagues and voters, a useful ally in Biden's campaign.

Counter arguments

Bass has been branded a fresh face in the political establishment, but opponents worry she may not have the relevant experience to stand up for the pressures of the role. Others have also pointed out that while she is well-liked among colleagues, she does not have a wide political network nor an established relationship with Biden, leaving many uncertain as to their ability to work as a team. [1] Another issue is that people simply do not know her. Her political strategy has been subtle and effective, but as a result, her name does not carry much traction among voters who do not know her. In many ways, Biden is not only picking his running mate, he is also picking the Democratic Nominee for 2024.[3] But Bass has made it clear that she is not interested in running for President in 2024. This is problematic because if she is chosen as Biden's VP and does not run for president in 2024, the Democratic primary will be a long and potentially divided campaign, much like the 2016 election. [3]



[P1] Biden needs someone who will do no harm to his campaign. [P2] Biden needs someone who will bring in voters to his campaign. [P3] Karen Bass is a relatively non-controversial figure in politics. [P4] Karen Bass is a safe choice for Biden.

Rejecting the premises


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