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Who is Joe Biden's best pick as Vice President?
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Warren brings with her the left vote

The Massachusetts Senator is well known in general having had a long and public political career, but what she is most known for is her progressive leftist politics.

The Argument

Before her own presidential campaign came to an end in March, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren ran a progressive campaign popular among leftist voters – votes that will be transferred to Biden if he chooses Warren as his running mate. Although Biden has announced a number of increasingly progressive plans he will implement if elected, many voters remain unconvinced of his commitment to the left agenda. Choosing Warren as his running mate would not only signal Biden's commitment to a greener and more progressive agenda, but Warren's presence in the White House would ensure this commitment. Warren outlined many of her progressive reforms during her presidential campaign which aimed to elevate working-class families and communities.[1] Since ending her campaign and endorsing Biden for President, Warren has been working with Biden by advising him on progressive economic policies. She has also endorsed some of Biden's recent plans for personal bankruptcy, social security benefits, and student loan debt.[2] Warren would be Biden's ticket to the young and progressive voters, both key voter groups who Biden has struggled to secure.

Counter arguments

Some fear that by choosing Warren as his running mate, Biden may end up alienating some of his more moderate supporters who oppose Warren's progressive agenda.[3] But the biggest concern with Biden choosing Warren as his VP is the effect it will have in the senate.[4] The Massachusetts Governor is a Republican, meaning he would likely elect a republican to fill her Warren's vacant Senate seat. If Biden wins the election but loses the Senate he will struggle to establish change as President and it would be only a partial win for Democrats. This is especially true if Biden wants to nominate a Democratic Supreme court Justice, as he would need a Democratic Senate to confirm it.



[P1] Biden has struggled to secure young and progressive voters. [P2] Elizabeth Warren is popular with young and progressive voters. [P3] Selecting Warren as his VP would bring in this key voter base.

Rejecting the premises


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