Who is Joe Biden's best pick as Vice President?

In the run up to the US presidential election, all eyes are on who Democratic presumptive nominee, Joe Biden, will pick as his second in command. This is a crucial decision in his campaign and has the potential to make or break his victory in the upcoming election.

Karen Bass

Bass is liked by both the democratic and republican parties. She does not receive a lot of criticism. Bass has worked on the most two pressing issues of the time: racial justice and healthcare.

Bass is well liked among both Democrats and Republicans

Bass has received praise from House Speaker Nanci Pelosi and has a good track record of getting along with Republicans and Democrats alike.

Kamala Harris

The Democratic Senator from California has been a top contender for Biden's VP

Harris is the most qualified for the job

Of all the potential picks for Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris is the most ready to take on the position as Vice President, having relevant experience as California's former Attorney General and current Senator.

Elizabeth Warren

Warren has a long history and ample experience in politics. She better ensures following leftist ideals during Biden’s presidency. Her progressive plans on the economy and social security will attract a great number of young progressive voters.

Warren brings with her the left vote

The Massachusetts Senator is well known in general having had a long and public political career, but what she is most known for is her progressive leftist politics.

Susan Rice

Former National Security Adviser under President Obama

Rice offers foreign policy expertise

Val Demings

Demings would help Biden win Florida, a swing state. Her personal experience as a poor Black woman in the South would bring African-American voters of the region to vote for Biden. As a former police chief, Demings would bring great insight into racism and police reform.

Demings can help win Florida

Demings provides insight into racism and police reform

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