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Should people switch to electric cars for the environment?
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There are better forms of transport that don’t use power

When people think of transportation, they automatically think of a car. But a car isn’t the only way to get around.
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The Argument

There are better transportation options than a car. Bicycles and walking don’t produce any harmful fumes, and they’re good exercise.[1] Instead of investing money in electric cars, it would be better to encourage other modes of transportation that would be better for human and environmental health.

Counter arguments

It would be ignorant to believe everyone could afford to not use a car in their daily life. Cars are used to make traveling long distances easier, like getting to work or school.[2] If someone needed to go to the hospital, they would not benefit from riding a bike or walking.



[P1] There are better transportation options than cars. [P2] Bicycles and walking don’t produce harmful fumes and are good exercise. [P3] It would be better to financially invest in alternative non-fossil fuel consuming modes of transportation than using vehicles at all.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] Some people need cars to travel long distances as well as get to the hospital. Not having cars would make people’s lives harder.


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