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Should people switch to electric cars for the environment?
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Electric cars cut back on use of fossil fuels

Cars run on fossil fuels like petroleum, coal, and crude oil. Fossil fuels are made from fossilized and decomposed organic materials that are heated under the earth’s crust. However, it could run out in the future. Therefore, the world’s fuel source needs to switch to electricity.

The Argument

Electric cars will reduce the use of fossil fuels. 99% of vehicles use fossil fuels (gasoline, petroleum, etc.).[1] But fossil fuels won’t last forever. Scientists estimate that the earth will run out of fossil fuel in the year 2090.[2] Thankfully, electric cars won’t consume fossil fuels and deplete the remaining fuel available.

Counter arguments

Electric cars do indirectly use fossil fuels. Electricity is powered by fossil fuels in power plants.[3] If everyone were to get an electric car, fossil fuels would be used just as much as it is now.



[P1] 99% of vehicles use fossil fuels. [P2] Scientists believe that the earth will run out of fossil fuels by 2090. [P3] Electric cars will reduce the use of fossil fuels. [P4] Since electric cars don’t use fossil fuels, the fossil fuel won’t deplete.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Scientists can only speculate that fossil fuel will run out. That means by 2090, fossil fuel could very well still be available. [Rejecting P3] Electricity is made by burning fossil fuels. This means fossil fuels are being used for electric cars. Therefore, the amount of fossil fuels will remain the same and could increase. [Rejecting P4] Fossil fuels will still deplete with electric cars because electricity is made from burning fuels.


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