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Should people switch to electric cars for the environment?
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Electricity requires fossil fuels

Fossil fuels are the biggest sources of fuel in the world. They power vehicles, which are needed for transportation. They also power electricity.

The Argument

Although electric cars don’t directly consume fossil fuels, they consume it indirectly. Electricity comes from the processing of fossil fuels in power plants.[1] Having electric cars will increase the need for electricity, which means more fossil fuels will be burned. In the United Kingdom it’s estimated that in 15 years, one electric car will increase the need for electricity by 3%.[2] Since there’s fossil fuels still being used, electric cars shouldn’t replace regular cars.

Counter arguments

Although electricity is made by the burning of fossil fuels, moving the concentration of fossil fuels will fix a part of the problem. If electric cars don’t produce carbon emissions, then scientists can focus on how to replace fossil fuel burning plants. It’s best to just eliminate fossil fuel burning cars as soon as possible.



[P1] Electric cars indirectly consume fossil fuels. [P2] Electricity is made from power plants, which use fossil fuels. [P3] In 15 years, electric cars will increase the need for electricity by 3% in the UK. [P4] Electric cars shouldn’t replace regular cars.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P4] Electricity could be instead sourced from eco-friendly sources, rather than fossil fuel.


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