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What makes star quality?
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Cardi B's drive makes star quality

Cardi B is a self-made star. She survived poverty, crime, domestic violence, and subjected herself to stripping to be able to afford school. Cardi B rose to fame through Vine and Instagram and is now one of the most influential female rappers of all time winning numerous awards and inspiring younger generations.

The Argument

Cardi B’s “started from the bottom” story and evolution into international chart-topping rapper makes her an inspiring figure to fans and up-and-coming musicians alike. Born Belcalis Almanzar, Cardi grew up in the Highbridge neighborhood of the Bronx; she split her time between the Bronx and her grandmother’s Washington Heights apartment[1]. “I have real good parents, [but] they’re poor,” she said in an interview with Global Grind. “They have regular, poor jobs and whatnot.”[1] Almanzar became a stripper at age 19 in order to escape an abusive boyfriend as well as receive an education. She began to receive attention in 2013 by posting videos on social media talking about her experiences as a stripper, and by 2015, she had gained a large enough following that she was able to quit her job and become a club host and Instagram influencer. In 2015, she also landed a role on the TV show “Love & Hip-Hop: New York”, which she left after two seasons to pursue a music career; however, she did not achieve international fame until the release of her first commercial single “Bodak Yellow”. [1] “Bodak Yellow”, a song whose lyrics perfectly embody Cardi B’s drive and ambition to succeed, eventually reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100; it was the first solo song by a female rapper to reach #1 since Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop (That Thing)” in 1998.[2] Despite her rough upbringing and struggles with poverty, abuse, and gang involvement, Almanzar slowly climbed the social ladder to international stardom; she now has a net worth of approximately $24 million[3]. Her ambition is a trait that shines through during speeches and interviews; she has stated that her main priority is to make money. “I have a passion for music, I love music,” she said in an interview with The Fader. “But I also have a passion for money and paying my bills.”[4]

Counter arguments

If you were to ask someone "Why is Cardi B famous?", they would probably not answer "because of her drive to succeed" - they would say that it is because of her catchy music and humorous persona. Although Cardi B's drive is certainly admirable, it is not the most defining factor that makes millions of fans want to flock to her concerts and watch all of her interviews. Cardi even said it herself: "It was my personality that got me where I'm at"[5]. She is not afraid to joke around and be herself; her iconic quotes and facial expressions have turned her into one of social media's most beloved memes[6]. Cardi's public persona is what truly gives her star quality.



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