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What makes star quality?
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Ivanka Trump's connections make star quality

Ivanka Trump is the senior advisor for the President of the United States, Donald Trump, who also happens to be her father. She also serves as Executive Vice President of the family-owned Trump organisation and has been a judge on the popular television show, The Apprentice, owned by her father Donald Trump.

The Argument

Ivanka Trump is a fourth-generation businesswoman[1]; her wealthy family, as well as all of the connections she has been able to make because of her family, are the keys to her success. Without the Trump name, Ivanka would most likely not have been able to accumulate nearly as much of the power that she has today. Trump’s resume is extensive, and she has proven financially successful as a businesswoman, model, author, and politician. Business-wise, she has been actively involved in the Trump Organization, where she was appointed executive vice president of development and acquisitions one year after her college graduation[2]. She has housed multiple ventures under the organization, including jewelry, shoe, and fashion lines[3]. Trump began modeling as a teenager. In 1997, she was featured on the cover of Seventeen magazine as part of their story about “celeb moms and daughters”[4]; the feature, made possible due to Trump’s connection with her celebrity mother Ivana, quickly launched Trump’s modeling career. She was featured in magazines such as Vogue, Forbes Life, and Harper’s Bazaar, and walked the runway for esteemed fashion designers such as Versace, Thierry Mugler, and Marc Bouwer[5]. She also co-hosted the Miss Teen USA pageant, which was owned by her father, at age 15[6]. Politics-wise, Ivanka Trump’s close association with Donald Trump has served her well - she worked on her father’s 2016 campaign, and was appointed senior advisor in 2019[7]. Prior to her appointment, she had had little to no political experience. The president also gave her a prominent role in the G20 summit meetings in North Korea, which foreign policy experts feared may have hurt the United States' reputation with world leaders[8]. Ivanka Trump's power and level of influence in the White House was not at all earned, and is one of the clearest displays of nepotism in recent history.

Counter arguments

Although Ivanka Trump is extremely successful due to the connections her father, Donald Trump, was able to establish, her beauty also contributed to her quick rise to stardom. She has previously been described as "sexy" and "seductive"[9]. As a teenager, her natural beauty and height allowed Trump to model for popular, expensive brands such as Tommy Hilfiger. This led to the opportunity for her to create her own fashion brand (titled Ivanka Trump). Ivanka Trump may have changed her career aspirations from fashion to politics, but her beauty helped her establish her fame.



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