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What makes star quality?
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Scott Eastwood's beauty makes star quality

Scott Eastwood is an American model and actor and the son of the extremely famous filmmaker Clint Eastwood. Known for his great looks but perhaps infamous for his not so great acting, Scott Eastwood has nonetheless become a star on the acting scene.

The Argument

Scott Eastwood, like his father, certainly possesses ‘star quality’ in terms of looks - his chiseled features, manly build, and overall rugged looks are appealing as well as marketable. However, Eastwood has so far lacked the range and performance ability to take on anything besides shallow ‘tough guy’ roles in action movies and tacky ‘love interest’ roles in romance films. Both genres of film depend heavily on the characters’ physical qualities, which was likely one of the main reasons Eastwood was cast in Nicholas Sparks’ The Longest Ride or in The Fast and the Furious franchise. Eastwood has starred in approximately 30 films total - some of which have been well-rated and extremely successful in the box office[1] - but has only won or been nominated for a total of three individual awards[1]. Most of the films in which he had a starring role (Dawn Patrol and Diablo, most notably) received very low ratings. One user review of Dawn Patrol stated that “ Scott Eastwood may be more photogenic than his father, but lacks his inner intensity. He doesn't have the charisma to take over a movie.”[2] Eastwood's physical features overshadow his lackluster acting, explaining why he continues to be cast into major motion films.

Counter arguments

Scott Eastwood's beauty has undoubtedly aided him in the casting process; more than anything else, however, it is his connection to his father Clint Eastwood that has solidified his career as an actor. Eastwood claims that he has auditioned for almost all of his father's movies[3], and successfully landed roles in 'Gran Torino' (2008) and 'Invictus' (2009)[1]. His roles in Clint Eastwood's films helped to establish him as an actor, and lead to his casting in later films. Without his father's last name and the opportunity to use Clint Eastwood's movies as the foundation of his acting career, Scott Eastwood would likely have not starred in any movies at all.



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