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Is college education worth it?
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College teaches you how to learn

Attending university makes you a better person by teaching you how to learn.
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People who know how to learn are more adaptable. This makes them a better person in both their professional and personal lives.

The Argument

Aside from any of the other benefits associated with university, attending higher education makes you a better person by teaching you how to learn. You have to attend high school because if you don’t the government imposes legal penalties. When you are there, you are disciplined by teachers and forced to study and apply yourself. At university, you are there because you want to be there. Nobody will force you to do your work, and there is nobody to discipline you if you don’t. Therefore, you learn how to learn. You learn how to find internal motivation to push and challenge yourself. These qualities are impossible to put a price on and make you a better person.

Counter arguments


[P1] University teaches students how to learn independently. [P2] Therefore, university graduates are more adaptable. [P4] Therefore, university it worth it.

Rejecting the premises


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